May we never cease from exploration.

January through March 2016

recent journeys and a sampling of the special pieces picked abroad

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August through October 2015.




notable discoveries:

Quechua culture around the Andes mountains. traditional weaving techniques. bright natural dyes. the fascinating depth of Incan symbology.

vintage findings:


-vintage traditional ponchos

-ceremonial woven hatbands

-vintage "mantas," the woven textiles women use to carry babies, foodthings, or as shawls

-vintage traditional Pollera skirts and women's wool jackets

-woven coca leaf satchels

-purses made from "puyto," the woven trim around women's traditional Pollera skirts

-cuff bracelets made from recycled textiles


20160516_190806 20160516_193148 IMG_20160329_195359-1 DSC_0071


notable discoveries:

vintage findings:

embroidered blouses and woven aprons galore in Romania and Bulgaria,  gorgeous beaded accessories in Bulgaria, fine gold threading details in Romania, incredible woven kilims in Turkey, colorful knittings in central Turkey



                                                                                                                                   -vintage embroidered and beaded Romanian blouses

-fine embroidered purses from Romania

- antique traditional Bulgarian woven aprons

-vintage Bulgarian dresses

-handmade beaded necklaces from Bulgaria

-woven rugs from Romania & Bulgaria

-handknit socks from Cappadoccia,Turkey

-pillowcases made from vintage Turkish kilims

-wool "protective eye" wallhangings from Turkey

-upcycled Afghan tassel belts, found in Turkey

-intricately beaded Uzbeki tassels, found in Turkey

-Afghan statement  necklaces, found in Turkey

DSC_0109 DSC_0132 DSC_0647 romanianfolkvest Screenshot_20160516-234531 Screenshot_20160516-234542